The Electrical & PLC Troubleshooting Certificate Course

The Electrical and PLC Troubleshooting Trainer is designed to sharpen your skills for Electrical Installation and PLC Maintenance.

- The electrical problems start with basic electrical wiring and move up to PLC examples.

- The TSTrainer is designed to build up systematic troubleshooting skills for industrial electrical contractors, industrial maintenance, technicians, apprentices and other students.

- The Troubleshooting trainer uses NEMA and IEC electrical standards.

- A competent technician must have skills that include a methodical means of troubleshooting and root cause analysis. This interactive training introduces the trainee to a proven system of troubleshooting. Upon completion, the technician will develop skills for methodical electrical troubleshooting and PLC fault finding techniques.

- The emphasis of the training is on root cause analysis. Each electrical problem is accompanied by a ladder diagram examples and explanation of proper circuit operation.

- The user can use a multimeter to take measurement of circuit potential.

- The trainer includes the ability to power down circuit and lock out-tag out circuit breaker when repairing.

- Each PLC troubleshooting problem is accompanied by a ladder logic program and explanation of proper circuit operation.

- Additional features of the PLC troubleshooting faults are ability to open some of solenoid wiring junction box to test at that point with virtual VOM (Volt Ohm Meter). For a real time experience the PLC is able to be switched from run mode to halt.



  • Electrical Troubleshooting Introduction
  • 3 Basic Electrical Wiring Simulated Faults
  • 5 Electrical Motor Control Faults
  • 8 PLC Troubleshooting Faults

    The Course includes:

    • - Laboratory Manual
    • - Ability to print Certificate on Completion of all the electrical troubleshooting faults and PLC troubleshooting faults

    Cost for Single User Version:
    Download: US$89

    Other options include "Intranet Site License" and a highly beneficial discount if bought as a bundled collection of automation software.

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    This way (using Yes Yen CBTs) we can move forward with upgrading the fundamentals training, and have Yes Yen build more updated modules to replace our current material.
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