PLC Programming Basics Training (Certificate course)

The PLC training course provides the fundamental basic knowledge required for any further understanding on the topic. The Programmable Logic Controller Training is based on the Allen Bradley PLC programming software and simulates the same. However the course has been conceived such that 80% of the knowledge can be applied to any brand of PLC.

- Many training materials on PLC Programming overlook analog instruction. This PLC programming training software is unique in that it includes analog instruction. PLC analog inputs and outputs are discussed as are the mathematical relationships involved in the PLC tutorial.

- Examples of the PLC programming SCL or Scale instruction are illustrated with practical easy to understand program examples in the PLC tutorial.

- Examples of the PLC programming SCP or Scale with Parameters instruction are illustrated with practical easy to understand examples.

- PLC video Animations are used to illustrate some complex concepts PLC programming, so technician can relate code to real world better.

- The PLC programming Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) instructions FRD and TOD are handy in dealing with older equipment where thumbwheels may be used for data entry. They are serve in learning BCD.

- Data manipulation instruction like the FIFO load and unload is explained with interactive PLC programming simulations.

- The more you practice PLC troubleshooting, the greater your skill increases, the less downtime you have. This PLC training software provides a safe environment in which to troubleshoot and hone your skills.

- Realistic "Works Orders" are provided that require the technician to troubleshoot a PLC managed automation system!

- The PLC Trainer also includes an extensive Glossary of terms that are common to PLC technology.

- The PLC Trainer includes a Laboratory Manual that has a large number of proven practical applications.

- The PLC tutorial has an interactive Final Exam to evaluate the knowledge gained with Certificate printout!


  • PLC Basics Intro
  • Input/Output Modules
  • Safety Circuit
  • PLC Processors
  • Numbering Systems & Codes
  • Basic PLC Programming
  • Timer Instructions
  • Counter Instructions
  • Program Control Instructions
  • Data Manipulation
  • Math Functions
  • Shift Registers & Sequencers 
  • Analog Inputs & Outputs
  • Networks
  • Human Machine Interfaces
  • Troubleshooting PLCs

The Course includes:

  • A Final Exam
  • Laboratory Manual
  • Password protected Student Log File
  • Ability to print Certificate of Completion
  • Ability to print test responses

Cost for Single User Version:
Download: US$149

Other options include "Intranet Site License" and a highly beneficial discount if bought as a bundled collection of automation software.

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This way (using Yes Yen CBTs) we can move forward with upgrading the fundamentals training, and have Yes Yen build more updated modules to replace our current material.
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