Historic Machines
History suggests that our mankind have started using some kind of tools to kill, to make fire, to cook ever since the prehistoric period. For killing animals, those early men have devised axe, to start with, made out of stone. He could have used such axe as wedge to split wood chips for burning which helped him to cook his food. Wedge, lever, wheel, fire were have been wonderful findings of mankind. The combinations of such components like lever, windlass, pulley, wedge, etc have lead to innumerous wonderful Machines.

Eminent scientists, inventers and engineers like Archimedes, Heron of Alexandria, Leonardo da Vinci, Porta, De Caus, Branca, Worcester, Hautefeuille, Huyghens, Thomas Savery, Desagulier, Blakely, Denys Papin, Robert Boyle, Newcomen, Beighton, Smeaton, and many more after James Watt, have invented and developed amazing Machines. It is breathtaking to look at the works of these magnificent contributors. There are wonderful references and stories about these brilliants but, sadly are fading off due to the fast developments of today's glory.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to view their works in new colors with animations. We are starting with humble few and have strong desire to add more on days to come, of course, on the expression of your wishful feedback.

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