A Screw Pump is a rotary type of positive displacement pump. The screw pump working principle involves the rotary action of screw rotors. As depicted in the double screw pump represented below the pump works by:
- Drawing liquid into spaces between threads at suction end
- Axially carrying the liquid that is trapped in the spaces between the threads
- Discharging the liquid at the outlet


These Pumps are either of the single screw (progressing cavity) type or multiple screw type. The single screw pump works with a single rotor mating with threads inside a stator thus carrying the liquid along. Multiple screw pumps can be of the double or triple rotor configuration.

The screw pump working animation video below describes the working principle of a typical double suction, double screw pump.

Screw pumps works to provide true axial progression of the liquid. It is very advantageous for pumping liquid when churning or liquid agitation is not desired.

Gear Pump Working Animation Video

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