Reciprocating Compressor belong to the category of Positive Displacement Compressors. The compressor working principle involves the reciprocating action of a piston inside a cylinder, which compresses air / gas inside the cylinder. The compressed air / gas is then discharged through respective valves into the discharge port.
The piston is made to reciprocate by a connecting rod that receives drives from a rotating crankshaft arrangement.

Reciprocating compressors are primarily of 2 types:

- Trunk design
- Crosshead design

Trunk Design: In the trunk design working the piston is directly connected to a connecting rod which in turn receives drive from a crankshaft. The working principle in a trunk design allows compression and discharge of air / gas only at one end of the cylinder.

Compressor working principle - trunk design

Crosshead Design: In a crosshead design the compressor works by means of a crosshead that connects the piston and the connecting rod. The design allows compression and discharge of air / gas at both ends of the cylinder if required.

Compressor working principle - crosshead design

The reciprocating compressor working principle animation video describes a multi cylinder representation of a compressor that has both trunk and crosshead design cylinders.

Reciprocating Compressor Working Animation Video

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